We recently acquired several Jensen Pump Jacks that are a very  unique piece.  Normally when you think of a pumpjack you visualize iron  structures bigger than your car.  Not so with these little guys!

They are all carefully blasted,  stripped, cleaned, primed and painted.  We have kept the original Jensen   orange color scheme , and of course ensured the integrity of the gears  inside.  We can sell them with or without a motor, at the buyers  discretion.  

These little units make a great display piece in a  corporate office, or at home in the yard.  If your business is oil and  natural gas, these jacks are for you.

And of course they pump!


  • 28" - Height with walking beam level- 32"
  • 32" - Height with walking beam at highest point
  • 10" - Overall Width
  • 28" - Overall Length

We also offer an attachable rod pump,  that bolts to the jack and is contained within a clear tube.  It makes  for a perfect visual aid when demonstrating how a rod pump works!